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Primary Paper Magazine with Vicki King

March 22, 2019

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12 Nov 2019

On 1st November, we disrupted the streets of Soho with an energetic, colourful and really fun procession to celebrate Dia de Muertos, as a publicity stunt for Patron tequila. We finished in Greek Street, where people could view the work of four different Mexican artists whilst enjoying Patron tequila based cocktails.

I played La Catrina on peg stilts, with Diego Martinez as my husband on stilts, La Catrin.

Produced by Gary Beestone Events

PR agency ThreeSixty

Directed by Miguel Hernando Torres Umba

Puppets and makeup by Mandinga Arts

Costume by Ania Zydron

 A publicity shot for the event, I was the pink skull head.

19 Jun 2019

I had such a fun time performing two Great Gatsby themed acts on La Luna at Banqueting House last Friday. The first was a slinky performance to Everybody Wants To Be A Cat, in a fringed black 1920s costume. The second was a lighthearted act to Liquid Lunch, with my character being a little tipsy and hungover, in a white and gold 1920s costume.

The acts were on The Dream Performance's La Luna, for Sternberg Clarke events.

10 May 2019

I was approached by Lock Studios to shoot an editorial for Die Dame magazine with Jo Metson Scott, and met a wonderful team of talented creatives and strong female models...including the world's oldest supermodel, Daphne Selfe! At the age of 91, Daphne casually showed me a Y-stand with no warm up.

I was really excited to work with Jo as her film photography is gorgeous. I was equally excited to work with Lock Studios as I had already been admiring their work on Instagram.

Lock Studios and Webber Represents

Photography Jo Metson Scott / assistant Caitlin Chescoe

Styling Andreas Peter Krings / assistant Marie Haustein

Makeup Siddhartha Simone / assistant Asuka Fukuda

Hair Naoki Komiya / assistant Makoto Hayashi

10 Apr 2019

I travelled to Glasgow with World of Coco for the launch of the 2020 theme for Visit Scotland - Year of Coasts and Waters.

As well as modelling as mermaids on stilts for promotional images for Visit Scotland, we attended the Visit Scotland Expo at the SEC.

Images by Stewart Attwood.

From the Visit Scotland Expo...

8 Apr 2019

I am currently touring shopping centres around the UK with Bearded Kitten, presenting an interactive promotions experience with a Fashion Circus theme, to promote a new app which allows shoppers to take a photo of a garment they like, and find similar items in their shopping centre of choice. The hashtag for the event is #ashoppingaffair, and I have been having a great time playing Silvia Strut, a catwalk model on stilts.

22 Mar 2019

I was absolutely honoured to work with the incredible talents of Vicki King and Celia Burton in 2018, to create images based on the colour purple for Issue 1 of Primary Paper Magazine.

Shooting on film and experimenting with bubbles, glitter, textures and light, Vicki King captured a series of portraits and acrobatic shots for submission to the magazine.

We shot at her home and a nearby park with Celia Burton makeup, then at Aircraft Circus' Creation Studio.

Here are some links to the magazine, Vicki and Celia...

Primary Paper Magazine

Vicki King Photography

Celia Burton Makeup

Vicki King's Year In Photos with I-D

1 Mar 2019

A circus dream came true - 31 aerial friends and myself opened the Brit Awards at the O2 with the man who definitely earned the title, "The Greatest Showman" - Hugh Jackman. I was one of the eight silks artists, with my sister, Maddy, on one of the giant chandeliers rigged by High Performance Productions. Circus consultancy was done by Roger Robinson of Acrobat Productions.

To perform in the O2, rigged above Hugh Jackman, dancers, fire artists and trickers was an incredible and special experience. The show was screened live on ITV and YouTube. Atlantic Records posted a high quality video of the act...

My makeup was done by Austri Vivas, with a Twiggy style look.

Producer - Tawbox

Director - Visual Prostitute

Choreographer - Ashley Warren

Assistant Choreographer - Jenny Griffin

Production Assistant - Alex Wiseman

Dancers - Jerry Reeve

Acrobatics - Acrobat Productions

Set Fabrication - Steel Monkey

Label - Atlantic Records

Styling - Sharon Ridoynauth

Makeup - Lucy Wearing

Hair - Paul Percival

16 Feb 2019

Simon Kimmel spent a couple of hours shooting different looks with me in London, here are the results!

18 Nov 2018

This summer, Rosie, Maddy and I went to Almeria and the Cabo de Gata to shoot in the incredible scenery of Andalucia. Beaches, gold mine ruins, desert and cacti.

Art Direction and Photography - Rosie Hardwick -

Models - Maddy and Katie Hardwick

Wardrobe - Katie Hardwick

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