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March 22, 2019

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3 Feb 2017

The first immersive car launch for Toyota, London 2017. Created by Les Enfants Terribles and The Department. Katie Hardwick playing the part of Androgynous Guid

4 Feb 2016

Les Enfants Terribles transformed the Bournemouth International Centre into an immersive Alice in Wonderland world, for the vegan cosmetics brand LUSH's Spring 2016 conference party.



Parts of the set from the Alice's Adventures Underground show at the Vaults in Waterloo were transported to Bournemouth for the corporate event with a difference. Guests chose "Drink Me" or "Eat Me" to determine which tunnel they passed through to enter Wonderland.



One tunnel led guests past the White Rabbit, the Frog and the Knave of Hearts. The other passed by the Cheshire Cat in puppet form, and myself as Alice behind mirrors, surprising guests by appearing and disappearing.



Once in the main space, guests found the kitchen, croquet lawn, a bell tent with the Caterpillar and a giant heart cake surrounded by a bar. The scenes from the story were animated by actors playing the March Hare, Doormouse and Mad Hatter, who made the guests feel like they were experiencing Wonderland for themselves. Later in t...

2 Jan 2016

Late last year, Leyla and I performed our Aerial Sphere act at the wonderful Secret Winter Gala, with the event raising over £1million for charity, Save the Children.

Les Enfants Terribles recreated scenes from Alice's Adventures Underground (Vaults, Waterloo) in the beautiful Guildhall venue in London.


Leyla and I were made to look like the same person - Alice in Wonderland - with the help of wigs, matching costumes and makeup. We stood behind mirrors and interacted with guests as they enterted the party.


One of the evening's highlights was a performance by The Staves, to which we performed our aerial act.



Photos of the whole event can be found here on Flickr




22 Dec 2015

Leyla and I spent much of the Christmas season under the starcloth of the Bloomsbury Big Top. Most nights we were performers in Cirque Extraordinaire - a dinner show with aerialists and acrobats from around the world. But one night we joined theatre company Les Enfants Terribles and band Tankus the Henge to create "Tonight at the Empire" - a theatrical circus show.



2 Apr 2015


I am currently teaching four physical actors how to become Alice in Wonderland's Dodo character on aerial hoop, for the Alice Underground show opening next week. Les Enfants Terribles are busy creating a true wonderland in Waterloo's Vaults, ahead of opening the immersive show in which you travel the tunnels experiencing the sensations and meeting the characters that Alice does in the famous novel.


My first session with the actors was a full on day of tuition in a room filled with sawdust and the sound of drills, followed by another shorter session once the bruises and sore hands had healed. Excitement is growing as the highly anticipated show is nearly ready for the public! The actors have had a crash course in aerial hoop basics, how to warm up for aerial performance, and how to maintain their strength and flexibility with stretches after each show. The job is a tough one even for an experienced aerialist with long sets, a mask to obscure vision and a room full of audience with drin...

12 Feb 2015

"A highlight of this Spring will be Adventures in Wonderland, an interactive performance for over 5s based on Lewis Carroll's book, in the Vaults underneath Waterloo Station" -




You can see how we created the pictures for this poster here.


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