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Aerial Silks at the Science Museum

Science Museum Events Entertainment

Last night aerialist Desiree and myself performed in the hugely fun venue, the Science Museum, for Viva Aerial Dance.

The last time we were here was for the launch of the Who Am I exhibition, when we performed a silks act choreographed by Michele Laine to illustrate what the exhibition explored in epigenetics.

This event was a corporate reception, so we performed freestyle ambient silks as guests entered the building, followed by a six minute long focus act - the Viva Matrix silks routine.

Our rigger took some pictures of our performances:

Ambient Freestyle Aerial Silks at the Science Museum

Viva Silks Act at the Science Museum

Our performances were talked about on Twitter:

Ambient Silks at the Science Museum

"Amazing #globalconference #compassgroup #Compasslife #lovemyjob" - @melhayes1

Silks act at the Science Museum events

"Stunning aerial silk artists for this evening's event" - @kimcsteel

Science Museum Events Aerial Entertainment

- @walker_a

#ScienceMuseumevents #corporateentertainment #VivaAerialDance #silksact #receptionentertainment #cirque #aerialsilks #aerialacrobats

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