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Aerial Dance and Circus Teacher - Movement Consultancy


"We've heard rave reviews about your classes, well done, you're a great asset to the programme!"


- Beth King, Head of Participation and Outreach, National Centre for Circus Arts



"My trainer has been absolutely brilliant and so helpful (...) Yes it is hard work but it is also great fun."


- Chelsee Healey, celebrity participant, Get Your Act Together, ITV




Katie has a wealth of experience in teaching circus to all ages, from absolute beginner to professional, from taster sessions to physical movement, stunts and circus consultancy. She teaches in London's top circus schools, and runs her own social enterprise delivering circus workshops from Kingston-upon-Thames. Katie's speciality is aerial silks, also teaching aerial hoop, trapeze, rope, harness & wire work, tightrope, stilt walking, acrobatics, acrobalance and juggling.

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Circus Tutor, Mentor and Choreographer


Circus Acts

Wynken AW23 Campaign



Katie was Performance Specialist for a circus themed kids fashion shoot for Wynken.

She provided guidance in securing a London-based studio suitable for shooting circus, all of the circus equipment and tuition and direction throughout the shoot.

Art Director - Rachel Caulfield.

Photographer - Mark Shearwood.



Circus consultancy for ITV celebrity talent show.

Circus consultancy for ITV celebrity talent show.


Channel 4 Random Acts 2019





Katie was movement director / stilt specialist for short film, Stilts, created for Channel 4 Random Acts by Greatcoat Films, and directed by Dylan Holmes Williams.

Katie taught actors how to walk on dura stilts, advised production on safety and movement, supervised stilt walking on set and played a stilt patient role herself.



Circus tuition for feature film.

The Aeronauts

Amazon Original 2018





Katie was one of the aerial coaches teaching actress, Felicity Jones, to move around the hot air balloon prop whilst delivering her character's speech. Thanks to Fly-Fit London for having me on the team.



Circus consultancy for ITV celebrity talent show.


Get Your Act Together

ITV 2015



Two weeks only to prepare for a silks performance in front of a live studio audience, recorded for television.

ITV Get Your Act Together Contestants Episode 3



Katie taught actress Chelsee Healey how to perform a silks act for an ITV television series, and mentored her throughout the production process, looking after posture, past injuries, injury prevention, aerial technique, circus safety and performance.


Katie choreographed a Bond themed silks act to Skyfall, for ITV's Get Your Act Together, aired February 2015.

This involved working to the movement briefing of the TV show's creative director, and advising the television programme on how to stage a celebrity beginner at silks, in a variety performance competition setting.



Circus tuition for Sony Entertainment.

The Walk Promo Video with Caspar Lee

Sony 2015



Katie Hardwick teaching Caspar Lee to walk the high wire for The Walk



Katie taught YouTube sensation, Caspar Lee, to walk along a tightrope to promote the 3D circus film, The Walk, to young audiences.


Caspar has 5 million subscribers and was a great sport in taking on the challenge to walk across a high wire in just one lesson.


Katie trained Caspar on a low tightrope at Aircraft Circus, then took him on a higher wire where he managed to cross it twice unassisted.

Circus in Theatre

Aerial tuition for The Wolf Of Wall Street Immersive Theatre Show

The Wolf of Wall Street

Stratton Oakmont Productions 2019



Katie taught the actors aerial safety and technique on aerial hoop and hand loop.

Wolf of Wall Street Immersive poster
Wolf of Wall Street immersive aerial hoop

Circus consultancy for Sisters Grimm Dance-Theatre Company.

Voices of the Amazon

Sisters Grimm 2016 - 17



Katie was circus consultant for the production by Sisters Grimm. Katie helped to cast the performers for the show's trailer, arranged rehearsal studios and provided aerial equipment for rehearsals and the trailer shoot.

The dance musical features two aerial mermaids who were coached by Katie. She choreographed the opening aerial sequence to work with the imagery and narrative of the show, to work with the costumes, and the dancers who had never trained aerial skills before the creation of Voices of the Amazon.

Circus tuition and consultancy with Sisters Grimm
Voices of the Amazon Silks Mermaids
Voices of the Amazon by Sisters Grimm Aerial Silks
Image by Johan Persson

The Winter's Tale

Guildford Shakespeare Company 2016



Katie taught actress, Selma Brook, to perform a short piece on trapeze to open the sheep shearing scene in the play by Shakespeare..


Director, Caroline Devlin, set Bohemia in India and used different styles of Indian dance throughout the play. Katie drew upon these styles to choreograph the trapeze routine, so that it sat cohesively within the larger dance scene that it introduced.


Selma started as a complete novice, having never been on a trapeze before. By opening night, after a few sessions over a three week period, she was comfortable performing the sequence in full costume


Katie used her knowledge of London and Surrey based aerial training spaces to find regular training sessions to fit around Selma's core rehearsals.

Circus consultancy for the Guildford Shakespeare company.

The Winters Tale by Guildford Shakespeare Company 2016 Poster
Selma Brook learning trapeze at Circus Suburbia with Katie Hardwick

Circus consultancy for Les Enfants Terribles Immersive Theatre Company.

Alice Underground

Waterloo Vaults 2015 & 2017



Katie taught four actors in Les Enfants Terribles' adventurous production of the well loved novel, Alice in Wonderland, how to perform aerial hoop.


The actors were guided in how to work safely as aerialists and taught tricks on aerial hoop. Katie worked in a short time to choreograph individual pieces for the actors to play the character of the Dodo, ensuring that the routines could be adapted to different audiences, were safe and could be performed regularly by performers new to aerial work.


Katie taught the actors how to maintain their bodies during a long theatre run with thorough warm-ups, specific stretches and conditioning exercises.



Les Enfants Terribles UK theatre company logo
Dodo aerial hoop Alice Underground 2015
Dodo aerial hoop Alice Underground 2017

Circus consultancy for Theatre Royal Bath.

The Tempest

Theatre Royal Bath 2013


Katie was the physical performance consultant for Theatre Royal Bath's production of The Tempest, teaching actors how to walk on stilts, and jump and roll safely.

Aerial Staycation with Flying Fantastic

Next course 19th - 23rd October 2020, Peckham Studio

An intensive short course designed for people to spend a week training aerial rather than working their usual 9-5. 

Suitable for people with experience in aerial training, who want to be guided through how to refine technique, how to train more effectively and how to create their own act. 

aerial staycation.jpg
Circus Suburbia
Aircraft Circus
Freelance Circus Teacher



  • Tuition for theatre



  • Act development

Top London Circus Schools






  • Developed and delivered the Aerial Staycation - a week long course for hobby aerialists.





Circus in Formal Education



  • Aerial tutor for the Diploma at the National Centre for Circus Arts.



Contact     07984017223


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