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Live Circus Performance


Katie is a versatile physical performer working in live events around the globe.
Katie can turn your event entertainment into a dream with her experience as an international performer, choreographer, director and producer of circus events.
Creative ideas, quality performance and conscientious planning.
Katie offers three main areas of performance - aerial dance, stilt walking and ensemble circus shows.
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Planning your event...


Type of Event


Is your event a corporate dinner, garden party, festival, wedding, promotional stunt, television show, music video or something completely different?


Katie can cater for grand or intimate live events, on the big screen or on television. Acts are carefully crafted to compliment each event.




Does your event have a particular theme, a colour scheme, particular branding, narrative or style?


Katie has themed acts and costumes ready to go, or she can create a bespoke show for your event needs.

Costumes and equipment can be tailored to a style, choreography can be created to bring your vision to life.




Is your event or location indoors or outdoors?

Does the venue have aerial rigging points or space for a freestanding aerial rig?


Katie has created bespoke aerial shows for large spaces such as shopping centres on multiple levels, she has created circus acts which fit into small spaces like a theatre stairwell, has performed in garden parties from a tree and from a crane over the sea.


Katie stands high on stilts when aerial performance is not possible.

Katie is an experienced ensemble performer and director and can work with artists with multiple skills.




To impress guests with highly skilled circus acts?


If so, a feature act is most impressive and has the highest impact at a live event. Aerial performances usually last 4-7 minutes and are choreographed to music (live or recorded). They draw the focus of all guests.


To create a particular ambience?


If so, an ambient performance is most appropriate. An ambient aerial set lasts 10-15 minutes and helps to set a scene. Performers can take on characters, interact with guests or just simply look amazing. Performances are freestyle and can be performed to event music or music provided by Katie.


Will the performer(s) have a specific function?


Stilt walkers can give out leaflets, welcome guests, lead the way, draw a crowd...

Aerialists can pour drinks from the air, sprinkle petals, tickle with feathers...


Act Choice


Which of Katie's circus acts is best for your event?


Based on all of the above factors, Katie can help you to decide which is the best act or best combination of acts for your event or production. It may be that a stilt walker to welcome guests and an aerial act between dinner courses is the best choice for you. Or some champagne pouring in a drinks reception then a choreographed aerial show as the event draws to a close. The more Katie can help make your event work, the more fun she has. Here are the act options:




























Katie Hardwick performing silks outdoors
Group circus act for hire
Katie Hardwick elegant stilt walker lady in white
Aerial acts for hire
Starfiz Doubles Hoop Blonde Brunette
Group Circus Shows
Harness for photo shoot
Stilt walker London

Ensemble Circus Shows

Aerial Dance Acts for hire
Acrobatic Aerial Dance


Katie provides high quality, stunning solo acts, aerial duets and group aerial shows.


Cruise Ship Silks Performer
Spinning Silks
Group Silks Act O2 Arena London

Feature Acts are tightly choreographed acrobatic aerial dances to music, gripping the attention of audiences and guests. Lasting 4-7 minutes, they are a spectacular display of musicality, flexibility, daring and elegance.

Ambient Performances are aerial installations which animate venues and spaces. Performers welcome guests, pour drinks, interact as characters or become living decoration.

Ambient performances can be choreographed or performed freestyle, for approximately 10 - 15 minutes at a time.

Serving drinks from the air
Wisley Arts Festival 2014 Silks performance
Rose Theatre Kingston Circus

Aerial acrobatics is a stunning medium with endless visual and theatrical possibilities. Using silks, hoop, trapeze, sphere and rope, Katie performs slick and fluid aerial dances around the world. Aerial acts add the wow factor to event entertainment, and Katie performs with grace, power and flexibility.

Trapeze and Silks

Photo shoots

Silks performance rigged from a tree

Outdoor performances

Harness Work at Heartlands Cornwall
Stilt walkers for hire
Stilt Walking

Stilt Walkers stand high above the crowd, attracting attention and excitement.


Welcoming Guests with a stilt walker creates a sense of excitement and that this event is going to be special.


Pouring Drinks from stilts is an exciting way to get your guests talking.


Promotional Material won't be thrown away when handed out by a stilt walker.


Carnivals use stilt walkers to stand out and create a large visual image.


Stilt Characters mix and mingle with guests, get them dancing and help to tell a story in an event with a narrative.


The Ladies stilt walkers sophisticated circus theme
Elegant female stilt character


Katie works with Les Enfants Terribles and Petersham Road as an actress on stilts, becoming characters in promenade performances, site specific plays and private events.

Ensemble physical performer

Projects involving a number of circus artists and physical performers are powerful, energetic and tell a story with a grand visual impact.


Please flick through the slide shows below:


Promotional Events

Circus Katie works well in a team, having worked in traditional tented circus as a performer, workshop teacher and tent crew.


Screen Ensemble shows for live broadcast and commercials require reliable performers who follow direction well and perform under pressure.

Katie has worked on Sky's A League Of Their Own, ITV's Red or Black, Strictly Come Dancing, Hotel Trubble, The Slammer, Luther, Andrew Marr's Making of Modern Britain, shot a Sony commercial, a music video for Crystal Fighters and an online advert for Ford.


Theatre Katie's first professional job in theatre was as the Woodland Fairy in a pantomime production of Snow White, and is currently working with Metta Theatre in a new show for children. Katie performs with theatre companies Les Enfants Terribles and Petersham Playhouse as part of the events team.


Live Events Katie works as performer in a group acts at live events such as galas, product launches, publicity stunts, corporate events, weddings, film premieres and more.


Cruise Ship Productions Katie performed as an aerialist & dancer with 2Entertain in a Norwegian cruise ship production.



Contact     07984017223


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