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Harness & Wire Work


Acrobatic stunts in a harness - wall running, performer flying, bungee, aerial dance.


Available for theatre, screen stunts, promotional events, live performances, photo shoots and site specific projects.

Heliosphere twist belt harness with The Dream Engine. Creating the illusion of flight.


Heliosphere performance
Katie Hardwick on Heliosphere
Heliosphere at MDLBeast





Bungee Harness as a Viva Aerial Jellyfish - delicately bouncing, bobbing on imaginary currents, spinning as lifted up and down by a motor at Goodwood.


Heliosphere at Waltham Forest
Heliosphere at Soundstorm at MDLBeast
Harness Aerial Jellyfish





Single Point Harness for a mobile phone advert - forming a giant human aerial totem, moving as one.


Sony Xperia T3 Harness Totem



Alice Falling Down The Rabbit Hole photoshoot for a theatre company in a two point harness, using core strength to create the illusion of falling.


Katie Hardwick modelling in a harness for Alice Underground
Katie Hardwick playing Alice for the Adventures in Wonderland press material

Flying Bal Maiden single point harness descent from a mine shaft to celebrate the Olympic Torch coming to Cornwall, with Swamp Circus.


Katie Hardwick Outdoor Harness Dance on Mine Shaft

Katie has trained in wall running with Clare Anderson, and explored different ways in which to use a harness with Lindsay Butcher at the European Aerial Dance Festival. Here Katie took classes in bungee harness, counter-balance contact improvisation with a partner in harnesses, performer flying using ladders to both fly a partner and be flown by a partner. This was using a two point harness to allow Katie to use her gymnastics training to perform somersaults and acrobatic leaps. The course also included learning a wall running vertical dance.

Katie Hardwick Aerial Drinks Shots in Harness

Pouring drinks from a "coat-hanger" harness with Viva Aerial Dance.

(in a black wig)

Contact     07984017223


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