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Appearances on screen by Katie Hardwick, internationally performing aerialist, stilt walker and actress.
Katie Hardwick actress headshot
Katie Hardwick on IMDb
Katie Hardwick on Spotlight Casting

Snow White, Disney. 
Directed byMarc Webb. Apple Farmer on Stilts.

The Witches, Warner Bros. 
Directed by Robert Zemeckis. Scandinavian Flying Witch.
Stilts, Channel 4 Random Acts. 
Directed by Dylan Holmes Williams, Greatcoat Films. Movement director and stilt patient.

Brit Awards Greatest Show, Live on ITV. 
Aerial silks Greatest Showman opening of the Brit Awards 2019 with Hugh Jackman. 

Science of Stupid, National Geographic. 
Swinging Trapeze & Rope Vine Swing, slow motion movement capture.
Science of Stupid trapeze stunt
Science of Stupid trapeze stunt
Andrew Marr's The Making of Modern Britain, BBC. 
Unity Mitford in, Little Britain, Episode 5, Part 1.

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