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Themes and Costumes


Katie can supply a costume and piece of equipment to match any event theme. Below are a selection of existing costumes which can be booked as seen or tailored to your event.

Katie also loves to take on commissions for new ideas, themes and characters. Working with a team of talented and experienced costume makers, milliners, makeup artists and even equipment manufacturers, we can bring your ideas to life.


1920s Flapper

The roaring twenties are brought to life in this upbeat and thrilling silks act. Inspired by The Great Gatsby, this act is really fun, slick and daring.


Great Gatsby Silks act
Gold and Black Flapper Costume
1920s Aerial Hoop Act in White Gold Costume
1920s Great Gatsby aerial entertainment
Katie Hardwick Vintage Bird Silks Act
1920s vintage bird makeup for aerial performance
Zoo Nights Vintage Bird Costumes for Aerial Acts
Cirque Acts
Cirque / Greatest Showman

Acts in the style of Cirque du Soleil and traditional circus.

Red silks White catsuit
Circus Act on Silks
red and white christmas costume sideplanche katie hardwick small.jpg
red and white christmas costume back katie hardwick small.jpg
Cirque Silks Act in Blue and Flesh Costume
Cirque silks black costume
Katie Hardwick white circus costume
Katie Hardwick white aerial costume


A mermaid in purple swims through the air, gracefully spinning, diving and floating with a mesmerising quality.

Originally created as part of a Pirate Show, the act suits themes such as pirates, sea and mythical creatures.

mermaid splits katie hardwick small.jpg


A white flower hangs above the aerialist, framing the stunning performance of fluid movement, manipulation of the silk fabric, spins and drops.

Perfect for wedding entertainment, garden parties and summer events.


Petals can be sprinked onto guests.

Floral themed aerial sling act
Floral themed silks act
Classical White


Classical silks or aerial hoop performed as a mesmerising feature act or ambient performance. Suitable for stylish events and winter wonderland or Christmas themes.


White costumes look spectacular under lights. Costumes are available in matt, lycra or sparkly silver-white.

Silver white iridescent catsuit on aerial hoop
White costume on white silks
White iridescent catsuit on red silks
Moulin Rouge
Moulin Rouge

Sexy, sassy and fun. Perfect for Christmas parties.


Costume options of red and black catsuit, or white and black leotard, or black and pink burlesque catsuit.

Moulin Rouge themed Silks Act
Moulin Rouge Silks Act by Katie Hardwick
Burlesque themed silks act

Katie naturally moves in an ethereal and graceful way, playing fairies, woodland nymphs and characters from fairytale wonderlands and enchanted forests.

fairy silks act in gold
Autumn Fairy Aerial
Silks Act for hire enchanted woodland fairy
aerial fairy act London
green gold brown autumn fairy on silks
ethereal aerial hoop
Absinthe Fairy
Swinging Sixties Silks Act

A stylised sixties act in monochrome or sequin playsuit. Fun, playful and groovy.


Sequin playsuit available for aerial hoop only.





























1960s aerial hoop act sixties
Sequin playsuit aerial hoop costume Katie Hardwick
swinging sixties silks act
Black and White silks
Alice In Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland's Red Queen moves through regal poses in the air, flicking the lengths of the silks and swirling high above.


Katie is perfect in the role of Alice, as a blonde haired girl tumbling down the rabbit hole. She is the poster girl for Alice Underground.

Queen of Hearts Silks in The Bentall Centre
Alice in Wonderland Splits Balance on Silks
Alice in Wonderland Circus Act
Alice in Wonderland Silks Act
Wizard of Oz

Dorothy climbs the yellow silk to perform a playful, exciting act with beautiful lines and daring drops. Character also available on hoop.

Dorothy Wizard of Oz circus act
Eden Project circus performer Wizard of Oz
Leopard Bird Silks

A leopard or tropical bird help to create that exciting, summery feeling at tropical themed events.

Silks Act tropical animal leopard
silks act for hire London bird theme
Jazzy silks

A stylish, jazzy silks act with lots of attitude.

silks act London
silks performer London
Classical rope act jazz waltz red costume
Sensual rope act London
Rope act London for events

German lederhosen for Oktoberfest style events. Red lederhosen and a white blouse for bierfest celebrations with a wow factor.

Katie Hardwick performing at London Bierfest in Lederhosen
Katie Hardwick performing corde lisse at the 2015 London Bierfest
Roman and Grecian
Roman / Grecian

The ancient Greeks and Romans are brought to life with statuesque acts, elegant and strong poses and beautiful styling.

Roman Grecian Toga Costumes for Aerial Hoop
Roman Grecian Hair and Makeup with Autumn Leaves
Roman Themed Gold Catsuit Costumes for Silks
Mission Impssible
Spy Theme

Performed to the Mission Impossible theme tune, with a Mission Impossible descent.

Katie Hardwick Spy theme Mission Impossible Aerial Silks Act
Katie Hardwick Black Spy Catsuit

A collaboration with Livestock Productions, the long-haired princess sits on an aerial hoop within a birdcage, performing ambient sets with a beautiful silk dress and long golden blonde plaits.

Stylish and beautiful entertainment for Fairytale / Twisted Fairytale / Tangled themed events for adults and children. This act was originally commissioned for a black tie gala dinner.

Rapunzel Twisted Fairytale Aerial Hoop Act in Birdcage Prop
Rapunzel Twisted Fairytale Aerial Hoop Act in Birdcage Prop at Black Tie Gala
Katie Hardwick Aerial Raunzel Act

Blood From Above

The bat in black contorts, twists and spins before serving an alcoholic drink from blood bags, directly into the mouths of blood-thirsty guests.

Perfect interactive Halloween entertainment - a combination of audience participation and acrobatic performance.

Halloween aerial bat act a The Vaults, Waterloo
Aerial bat serving alcohol from blood bgs
Blood feeding aerial circus act
Bell-Ringing Nun
Bell-Ringing Nun

A comedy aerial act on corde lisse - a nun must climb her rope to fix the bell.

Bell-ringing nun act by Katie Hardwick photo by Paul Harris
Nun act by Katie Hardwick photo by Tim Hinchliffe

Eve is trying to resist the temptation of the forbidden fruit. If guests take a bite, she hands them a leaf from her garter, on which is written a secret note.


Available on aerial hoop, as a human statue or actor meet and greet / walkabout.

Eve meet and greet character as statue or ambient hoop
Eve character as statue or ambient hoop

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