Starfiz Aerial Duo


"FANTASTIC - lovely girls did a great job and a pleasure to have around" - Affiliate Windows


"The glamorous girls climb two lengths of red fabric, suspended from the ceiling, and proceed to perform in the air, doing the splits and somersaults(...)The synchronicity was amazing as they tumbled down the curtains."

- altBlackpool  


"These ladies were stunning to watch and truly beautiful artistry." - audience member, Le Haggis

"The feedback from the event was GREAT and you guys did a superb job!!!" - Hannah Welsby, Black Fire Agency


Training to move together since the age of eight, Katie and Leyla create fluid and exciting aerial performances for live events around the globe. Constantly creating new work, their acts are exciting, beautiful and guaranteed to wow spectators.

Spinning Silks

Unique and stunning aerial act developed with the help of the Emma Insley Aerial Creation Fund Award 2011, High Performance Productions and acrobat Boldo. Approx. 5 minutes.







"This act is so daring and exciting! A whirling vortex of grace and beauty...A really unique act that I'd recommend to anyone wanting stunning aerial performance with a twist."


- Aniela Zaba, director of Creative Youth

Starfiz Spinning Silks Act at Glastonbury Festival
Stafiz by James Loudon
Starfiz Spinning Silks in the Bentall Centre Kingston
Starfiz with Circus Suburbia
Aerial Sphere

The aerial sphere is a bespoke aerial prop made by Jonathan Graham, as Starfiz's development of the Spinning Silks project supported by the Emma Insley Aerial Creation Fund Award. Also available as a solo act.


The Aerial Sphere spins in a whirl of hair, legs and beautiful shapes, is perfect for low venues wanting a high impact act, or venues where the aerialists can be lifted into the air for added drama.


Approx. 4 mins.





























Starfiz Aerial Sphere in the Spiegeltent at Wilderness Festival 2015
Starfiz Aerial Sphere at London Reign Showclub
Aerial Sphere Act in Brighton Fringe Festival video Ali Smith
Starfiz Aerial Sphere Human Mirror Ball Act
Synchronised Silks


Katie and Leyla perform show-stopping silks acts with style, personality and skill. Approx. 4-7 minutes.


Starfiz Aerial Silks Duet black and white costumes
Starfiz outdoor aerial circus act on silks
Silks Act Showzam Blackpool Tower Ballroom
Doubles Hoop


Sculptural, elegant and strong, Katie and Leyla reflect, support and twist around each other on a spinning hoop. Approx. 4-6 minutes.



Duo Hoop act London
Starfiz performing aerial hoop with Petersham Road
Starfiz aerial meet and greet for Christmas events
Doubles Hoop act London
starfiz aerial duet katie hardwick and leyla rees
Starfiz aerial hoop duet for Circus Suburbia at IYAF
Imaginarium aerialists

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