Commercial / advertising work.
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Katie Hardwick ethereal model

Katie Hardwick ethereal model

Nikon, 'I Am' campaign.  2015
Kirsty Mitchell Photography. Modelling.

Katie Hardwick fitness model

Sony Xperia T3, 'Beautifully Crafted, Beautifully Slim'2014
Commercial by Martin Garde, choreography by Alex Poulter. Aerial Silks and Harness.

Katie Hardwick character model

'Alice Underground' Posters.  2015
Les Enfants Terribles & Creature of London. Harness and Acting.

Katie Hardwick knitwear model

Lilou Ltd.  2010

Katie Hardwick knitwear model

'Blacker Designs', The Natural Fibre Company. 2009

Katie commercial model

Ford Fiesta 'This Is Now' campaign.  2008
Directed by Tom Dean. Modelling.

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