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Decadent Aerial Bar Tending in Brussels

Aerial hoop as ballerinas in white

In between weekend shows in Dumfries with Le Haggis cabaret, I travelled to Brussels with The Dream Performance and High Performance Rigging. It feels like I spent most of late January on trains, travelling the length of England twice, going to Brussels by Eurostar, and popping down to Guildford for a teaching project.

Working with The Dream is always fun, and this time there were two aerialists, three fire performers and a circus rigger. We bumped into the event magician at King's Cross.

We were working for a car company, at the Wild Gallery. Tink and myself poured champagne from aerial hoops dressed in ivy and white flowers, ourselves dressed in classical ballet tutus.

Champagne serving from aerial hoop

We then watched the fire shows and acted as extra safety backstage, then enjoyed the brilliant magician's stage show.

Dream Performance Fire Show

Of course we couldn't resist going to a bar to drink some famous Belgian beer before our early morning train back to London. The smell of cigarettes in the bar took me by surprise, I definitely don't miss smoking indoors in the UK.

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