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Interactive Stilt Walkers for a School Sports Day

On Friday I took the Ladies stilt costumes out for their first job of the summer. Cleaned and with some new extra feathers, they were fresh and ready for a sunny day in South London - perfect for a sophisticated circus theme.

The Ladies Circus Stilt Walkers Blowing Bubbles in South London

Picture taken by Dennis Tero. Performers - Katie Hardwick & Desiree Kongerod.

Swamp Circus booked us for Broomwood Hall's School Sports Day, leading into their school fair, held on Trinity Fields. As the games ended, we blew bubbles and directed people to the hot food stalls. After lunch, we continued to blow bubbles so that children could try to catch them, and to "high five" little children with big jumps.

Event organiser and parent, Sara West, said of our Ladies stilt walking act,

"You were fantastic and absolutely got the festivities off to a flying start."

Sarah Smith, a mother of one of the students, said,

"You looked amazing and kids loved watching you both walk on stilts."

Interactive Lady Stilt Walker in South London

Picture taken by Sarah Smith.

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