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Toyota Flow Car Launch

Actress Katie Hardwick as Androgynous Guide for Toyota Interactive Car Launch

The London 2017 launch of the new Toyota C-HR was the world's first drive-through interactive launch experience. It starred Milla Jovovich. I was one of three actors playing The Guide. A digital clock in the holding area counted down the seconds, as we each collected three guests at a time, a group leaving for the journey every five minutes, our roles on rotoation every fifteen minutes.

Dressed in a stylish black trouser suit, DM boots and aviators, we collected our guests, gave them each a casino chip and told them that Milla was waiting for them. Leading our guests through the impressive Printworks building with a torch, we took them to light shows, projections, interactions with Jovovich look-a-likes and finally down a corridor which led to the C-HR on a platform. At this point we seated them in the car, and left them to continue their journey through various European cities in which actors, dancers and musicians continued the narrative to end in a casino, and meeting Milla herself.

The event was created by immersive theatrical company, Les Enfants Terribles, set designer, Takis, projection artist, Dick Straker at Mesmer, production and capture company, The Department, and producer, Mark Arrigo.

Milla Jovovich at the Toyota London car launch The Night That Flows

Toyota car launch projection at The Printworks London

Androgynous blonde hair by Farida Ghwedar, model Katie Hardwick

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