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Easter Entertainment at the Blenheim Palace Egg Hunt

Easter Stilt Fairy at Blenheim Palace Pleasure Gardens 2018

I spent Easter weekend telling hundreds of small children that I was the chocolate fairy, helping them to get started on their egg hunts, and posing for photos in the beautiful Pleasure Gardens at Blenheim Palace.

The Easter event was a huge success despite rainy weather, with children jumping up and down with excitement. Luckily the rain was mostly light enough that we could go out on our stilts with an umbrella.

The Dream Performance provided a pink and a red fairy for the duration of the weekend.

The Dream Performance Easter Fairy
Easter Fairy at Blenheim Palace 2018 Katie Hardwick

Easter Fairy high five at Blenheim Palace

Blenheim Palace Easter Event 2018

I love the area so much, that I decided to stay in Woodstock. On Thursday night my mum, brother and I went to the Spanish Night at The Crown, where we ate delicious tapas and listened to Spanish guitar. The local museums are great, and free. And we had to visit St Martin's church at Bladon, where Winston Churchill is buried.

Winston Churchill stained glass window at Bladon

Horse detail in Winston Churchill stained glass window at Bladon

stained glass window at Bladon St Martin's

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