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Die Dame Editorial

I was approached by Lock Studios to shoot an editorial for Die Dame magazine with Jo Metson Scott, and met a wonderful team of talented creatives and strong female models...including the world's oldest supermodel, Daphne Selfe! At the age of 91, Daphne casually showed me a Y-stand with no warm up.

I was really excited to work with Jo as her film photography is gorgeous. I was equally excited to work with Lock Studios as I had already been admiring their work on Instagram.

Katie Hardwick modelling in Die Dame Magazine Issue 5

Katie Hardwick modelling for Die Dame on aerial hoop

Katie Hardwick modelling for Jo Metson Scott

Photography Jo Metson Scott / assistant Caitlin Chescoe

Makeup Siddhartha Simone / assistant Asuka Fukuda

Hair Naoki Komiya / assistant Makoto Hayashi

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