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Hurt Like No Hurt Music Video

I was extremely excited to be asked by Philip Reinking to join the team for Yova's video for their single, Hurt Like No Hurt. I played the Flapper and was stunt double for Jova's Werewolf character.

I met Philip when he shot Dame of Thrones with one camera and no crew, and loved the result. So to have a crew, makeup artists and multiple locations in London, I knew the video was going to be beautiful.

I was also lucky to work with Arevinth, an extremely generous and talented actor who choreographed and taught me how to carry out the fight scene as Werewolf double. This inspired me to then train with Take3Action Academy, as I realised how much fun it is to fight on screen!

Streams, downloads:

YOVA - Hurt Like No Hurt⁠⁠




Thomas James Linton - @thomasjameslinton⁠

Philip Reinking - @philipreinking⁠


YOVA - Jova Radevska⁠

Detective - Arevinth V Sarma - @Arevinth⁠

Flapper - Katie Hardwick - @katherinehardwick⁠

Bartender - Mark Vernon - @mark_t_vernon⁠

YOVA's additional werewolf scenes and stunt doubles -Katie Hardwick - @katherinehardwick⁠

Katrin Reinking - @katreinking⁠

Detective stunt double - Dietrich Reinking⁠


Malgorzata Maria Prońko - @malgorzatapronko⁠


Philip Reinking⁠

Makeup and SFX⁠

Giusi Belmonte - @giusibelmontemua⁠

Caitlin Ross - @Anesidora⁠

Shauna Rhodes - @shabmua⁠

Katrin Reinking - @katreinking⁠


Philip Reinking⁠

Thomas James Linton⁠


Nalsur Topchii - @nalsurtopchii⁠

Musicians, labels & PR⁠



@robellisdrums ⁠


@actormcdougall ⁠


@puttingitonwax ⁠




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