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Solo Aerial Hoop Acts



Aerial hoop is a versatile and stunning circus act. Performed in low venue, the performer spins off the floor to perform an aerial dance with fluidity, flexibilty and grace.


In a high venue, either a motor or a counter-weight system can be used to lift the performer high into the air - a dramatic and daring image as the performer flies high above the audience.


Katie is an accomplished aerial hoop performer, taking on a number of characters and movement styles.


If you are looking for something different, please get in touch with your ideas and request a bespoke act.



Rapunzel aerial hoop act Katie Hardwick

Rapunzel aerial hoop act.

Private Drama Hoop image by Tuff Consult.

Ethereal aerial hoop in trees.

Katie Hardwick aerial hoop on The Dream Engine Arco

Aerial hoop on The Dream Engine's Arco.

Aerial Hoop Act Persephone Greek Myth

Persephone Greek Myth aerial hoop act.

Classical white aerial hoop act.

1920s Great Gatsby aerial entertainment

1920s Great Gatsby themed aerial hoop act.

Blood From Above Halloween Aerial Act

Christmas Fairy aerial hoop act.

Vintage white gold aerial hoop act.

1920s aerial hoop act on freestandig aerial rig by Katie Hardwic

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