Solo Rope Acts



Katie creates stunning shapes and dramatic drops on rope. A cleaner line than silks, the rope draws attention to the details in how the performer moves. The softness in movement contrasts with the strict line of the rope, and allows for some more dynamic tempos than silks.


Acts 4-5 minutes long.



If you are looking for something different, please get in touch with your ideas and request a bespoke act.




Classical rope act jazz waltz red costume
Sensual rope act London
Rope act London for events

Aerial rope on the Moonbird Yacht in Monaco

Performing with Radio Band

Aerial rope performance in Monaco with Radio Band
Katie Hardwick performing aerial rope aboard

Bell-Ringing Nun - comedy act

Bell Ringing Nun by Paul Harris Photography
Katie Hardwick Nun Rope Act by Paul Harris Photography
Katie Hardwick corde lisse by Tim Hinchliffe Photography
Katie Hardwick Rope Act by Tim Hinchliffe Photography



Katie Hardwick performing corde lisse at the 2015 London Bierfest
Katie Hardwick performing at London Bierfest in Lederhosen

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