Solo Silks Acts



Katie's speciality is aerial silks. Her creativity, performance style and lines have been honed since her teens, with performances on television, for royalty, at high profile galas, in theatre shows and at festivals. Katie knows how to impress an audience and loves to entertain.

"A huge thank you from us for really making our event so special! It was the perfect act for the event, and everyone absolutely loved it." - Eloise Smith, Save the Children Special Events.


Silks performances are a stylish way to add drama to an event or show, with the silks themselves able to become part of the decor or set.


Silks reach from the floor to the rigging point, creating height in a variety of spaces and venues.



If you are looking for something different, please get in touch with your ideas and request a bespoke act.



Take Me To Church

Mission Impossible

Classical silks act.

A Midsummer Night's Dream silks act.

Cirque silks act.  

Outdoor silks performance.

Silks performance with live music.  

Ethereal silks act.

Vintage bird silks act.  

Jazz silks act.  

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