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Circus Sisters




Katie and Maddy are real sisters who perform doubles trapeze and stilt walking acts.


"The girls were amazing! So strong and hugely entertaining. My kids were desperate for a picture with them."

- audience member, Halloween Spooktacular


"You entertained them in so many different ways!" 

- Faye Bennett-Hart, Halloween Spooktacular

Aerial Hoop

Graceful lines and dynamic movement framed by the circular apparatus. Available as a synchronised act with two hoops, or a duet with both sisters on one hoop

Feature Act (doubles or synchronised) approx. 5 minutes.

Ambient Sets 10-20 minutes (up to three, one performer on each hoop)




Aerial Hoop
Aerial sisters Maddy and Katie Hardwick on hoop
aerial hoop duet Katie and Maddy Hardwick
Doubles Trapeze

A beautiful and impressive aerial act which displays great strength, grace, trust and beauty.

Single point doubles trapeze, with counter weighting to lift high off the ground.

Approx. 5 minutes.




Doubles Trapeze Splits and Barrel Rolls
Doubles Trapeze
Doubles Trapeze Backbend
Doubles Trapeze by Circus Suburbia
Circus Suburbia doubles trapeze spider themed

Silks offer drama, height and beauty. Available as a duet or a synchronised act on two silks.

Feature Act approx. 5 minutes.

Ambient sets 10-20 minutes (up to three, each performer on an individual set of silks).




Stilt Walking


Katie and Maddy offer stilt walking to meet and greet guests and audience members.


































Stilt Walking
Ethereal stilt characters the Hardwick sisters for Petersham Nurseries
Sisters Katie and Maddy Hardwick stilt walking in Petersham Nurseries
Katie and Maddy modelling for Rosie Hardwick

Contact     07984017223


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