• Katie Hardwick

Queen Bee on stilts at Surbiton Festival

On Saturday I returned to my home town to be a stilt walking Queen Bee at Surbiton Festival 2014.Since the last time I wore this stilt costume, I have added some hair pieces to improve the regal bee look!

As I now live in Clapham, I had a rather glamorous look for a Saturday morning commute! I felt a bit out of place on South West Trains.

Last year at the festival I made balloon swords to recruit worker bees to my colony, but this year I took a bubble sword as a sceptre, and pretended that the bubbles were pollen which children had to catch.

This worked a lot better as the bubbles were a beautiful image on their own, and children really enjoyed jumping up to catch them.

Surbiton Festival is a fun annual event organised by Surbiton Rotary Club, attracting lots of young families and locals to Surbiton. I particularly enjoyed the attractions in St Andrew's Square and Claremont Gardens, where the Lamb pub had an outdoor bar, the Seething community ran giant versions of popular games, there were bouncy castles, carousels, Punch & Judy shows and lots of delicious local food.

Pictures taken by John Hardwick.

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