• Katie Hardwick

Stilt Walking at Bradford Shine

Picture by Darren Fleming

Last weekend I spent four lovely days visiting Bradford for the first time, to perform stilt walking as a Lightwalker at in Bradford's City Park, with physical performer Clare Barrett.

Bradford Shine was an evening event centred around an animated light installation called Key Frames. You can see a video of the animated installation in the Telegraph and Argus news article.

Key Frames was created by a Belgian company called Groupe Laps, to explore bodies moving in urban spaces.

Bradford council employed walkabout artists to animate the space and interact with visitors to the illuminated sculptures. As well as our Lightwalker costumes, there were illuminated flamingoes, human glitter ball stilt costumes, glow poi performers and lit up bats on bouncy stilts.

Picture by Ali Khan

Picture by Good Advice

We stayed in the beautiful building of the Great Victoria Hotel, and with performances only during the evening, we decided to make the most of our trip to Yorkshire and explore the local area.

When in Bradford you have to eat some curry! As the city with some of the top

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