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Pre-KOOZA Circus Workshop at the Royal Albert Hall

Teaching circus skills at the Royal Albert Hall

Earlier this month I went to the Royal Albert Hall to teach a circus workshop with the National Centre for Circus Arts (NCCA). The fundraising event saw us teaching tightrope and juggling skills to children who were later to watch Cirque du Soleil's KOOZA, as a fundraising event with a delicious lunch, face painter, balloon modeller and magician.

Royal Albert Hall Cirque du Soleil KOOZA event

The magical event was held in one of the areas surrounding the performance space, so that the children and their parents could see the technicians setting the stage for the show, only adding to their excitement.

National Centre for Circus Arts Juggling Workshop for children

The children aged between three and twelve years old were delightful to teach as they enjoyed the warm-up games we played, helped younger siblings when balls went flying and tried their best to stay on the wire.

Fellow teachers were the talented Jack Horner (Acro Jack), Kate Evans and Francesca Martello.

All images by Paradise Photo.

Workshop arranged by Lucinda Burnett.

Events space at the Royal Albert Hall London

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