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New Stilt Costumes for London Legal Walk

Two new sets of stilt characters for the LLST London Legal Walk 2015!

9,700 lawyers walked 10k through London to raise money for legal support.

To support this great charitable event, I did some stilt walking with Tink from the Dream Performance, in my new Ladies stilt costumes.

Before they set off on their walk, we entertained participants on Chancery Lane with balloons, banter and lots of posing for pictures.

We were wary of the very tall policemen at the Law Society!

And saw some topiary which had come to life.

To welcome the walkers back, we changed into the Tottering Totties - elegant ladies in formal evening wear, in black and white dresses.

We found a very small man...or were we just very tall?

And I was caught sneaking back to the dressing room by an event photographer with speedy fingers.

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