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Mace25 Grand Aerial Silks Spectacle

The last two days have been spent intensively rehearsing a very special silks act for Mace International's 25th birthday.

Private Drama and An Act Above have gathered 30 top aerialists to attempt something huge...a giant flock of us have been taking flight in the Hangar Arts Trust and London Live came to report on what is going on...

Mace25 Silks on London Live

The Mace Spirit of Adventure Team

Mace Spirit of Adventure Silks Team


Mace25 on twitter

Mace 25 Silks Rehearsals at Hangar Arts Trust Tweet

Mace 25 silks private drama instagram

#Mace #PrivateDrama #AnActAbove #silks #GuinessWorldRecordAttempt #topsilksperformer #MaceSpiritOfAdventure

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