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Wonderland Book Kickstarter Campaign

The Wonderland Book is finally coming! In time for Christmas 2015.

Kirsty Mitchell has recently launched a kickstarter campaign to produce the book herself, and it's already a huge success. Below are links to articles about the Kickstarter as the campaign progresses.

Kirsty Mitchell Photography is producing three different photo books with all of the Wonderland series, behind the scenes pictures and some added features to limited editions. I can't wait to finally see all of the prints in one place, there are so many happy memories for me in each final image.

10th September - Wonderland Book Kickstarter is launched

Wonderland Book Kickstarter Page

500px Wonderland Book blog article

10th September - 500px calls Wonderland the world's most beautiful fine art series

The World's Most Beautiful Fine Art Series is Finally Available as a Book

My Modern Met article on Kirsty Mitchell Wonderland Book

11th September - My Modern Met Blog

Kirsty Mitchell's Enchanting "Wonderland" Photos Honor Her Late Mother with a Spectacular Book

Wonderland Book features on This Is Colossal

13th September - This Is Colossal features the Wonderland Book

The Wonderland Book: Photographer Kirsty Mitchell Honors Her Mother Through Lavish Conceptual Portraits

Wonderland Book Kickstarter Metro Article

14th September - Article in the Metro

The Wonderland Book: breathtaking photography book becomes most funded in history of Kickstarter

Wonderland Book in Daily Mail article

15th September - Article in the Daily Mail

A real life fairytale! Photographer creates enchanting series inspired by her late mother's love of storytelling

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