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LUSH Alice in Wonderland Party

Les Enfants Terribles transformed the Bournemouth International Centre into an immersive Alice in Wonderland world, for the vegan cosmetics brand LUSH's Spring 2016 conference party.

Parts of the set from the Alice's Adventures Underground show at the Vaults in Waterloo were transported to Bournemouth for the corporate event with a difference. Guests chose "Drink Me" or "Eat Me" to determine which tunnel they passed through to enter Wonderland.

One tunnel led guests past the White Rabbit, the Frog and the Knave of Hearts. The other passed by the Cheshire Cat in puppet form, and myself as Alice behind mirrors, surprising guests by appearing and disappearing.

Once in the main space, guests found the kitchen, croquet lawn, a bell tent with the Caterpillar and a giant heart cake surrounded by a bar. The scenes from the story were animated by actors playing the March Hare, Doormouse and Mad Hatter, who made the guests feel like they were experiencing Wonderland for themselves. Later in the evening, a cake table was laid out with heart shape and vegan desserts.

"We never do half measures when it comes to parties."

The puppet of Humpty-Dumpty was included as a nod to a new egg product, soon to be launched by LUSH.

Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee were played by freerunners.

I performed a silks act for the Queen of Hearts' un-birthday, as Alice, accompanied by the Mad Hatter on guitar and vocals, singing the Lament of the Mock Turtle.

"Alice flying through the air"

Once the whole of the cast had sung the un-birthday song to the Queen, the stylish and energetic band took over the stage.

Here are some guest pictures and comments on Instagram:

"After chatting with a rather charming Frogman, we met the Cheshire Cat"

"A bar centrepiece suitable for the Queen of Hearts!"

"What a wonderful night!"

"I enjoyed a party!"

"I can't even deal with how awesome this was last night".

"I honestly cannot express how much a joy it was to experience "Les Enfants Terribles" take on Alice in Wonderland last night. I didn't want to spam you with a million photos so made a little collage instead! And it just made me all the more annoyed I never got to see Alice Underground... OFF WITH HIS HEAD!"

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