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Bringing Ibiza to Ascot

Ascot 2016 King George Weekend Entertainment

The weather for the King George weekend at Ascot was a hot as in Ibiza. For the Saturday entertainment, a cocktail bar and white outdoor lounge area were set up by the events team at Ascot Racecourse, with Dj A-Roxx (Andy Critchlow) playing chillout music as guests took a break from watching the races.

Freestanding Aerial Rig at Ascot 2016

I provided the aerial entertainment with four, twenty minute long sets of freestyle aerial silks dance to the Dj music throughout the day, in a white a multi-coloured Ibiza themed costume. The enquiry for the job came in on Monday night, and was confirmed on Thursday afternoon. I sourced and dressed a freestanding aerial rig, and really enjoyed making the structure become a part of area's the decor! I was able to erect this rig almost by myself, with three extra bodies helping for 10 minutes during the rig and de-rig of the structure. It stood at almost 6m height, and the space within the footprint was used by guests for dancing when I was not using the aerial silks.

Dressed Aerial Rig for Aerial Acrobatics

This was a wonderful last minute booking and I loved performing at Ascot. The 20 minute long freestyle sets in the sun left me rather hot afterwards! I had to re-apply my makeup for each set.

Aerial Acrobat Katie Hardwick

Royal guests attended the Ascot King George Saturday 2016 event.

King George weekend 2016 Royal Guests

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