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Woodland Themed Wedding Reception

On Saturday I had the best time bringing together a team of friends (super talented circus artists and riggers) and working with the creative, interactive production company, Petersham Road. I put on my Circus Suburbia hat, and cast a team of aerialists, acrobats, stilt walkers and circus riggers to play characters inspired by fashion shoots.

The event was a woodland themed wedding reception, set at the edge of a woods, in a purpose built marquee with glass sides and roof. The marquee itself was decorated with real trees, foliage, leaves, rocks and flowers. When night fell, candles lit the woodland outside and guests entered along a specially built walkway.

Woodland themed aerial costume by Cristina Soru for Petersham Road

Guests were met by two of our stilt walkers, wearing floor length cloaks of leaves and extremely long hair. Inside the venue, two acrobatic fawns tumbled and played with guests, whilst two aerialists dressed as tree nymphs were counter-weighted up and down, somersaulting, spinning, and interacting with guests. I was one of the aerialists, and in my cheeky character, managed to steal a canape before being whisked into the air to eat it. My most fun moment was photo-bombing a group as I was lowered, upside-down, Mission Impossible style into their frame.

Wedding Reception Bar, Woodland Themed

Candlelit woods


Artistic Director - Anna Boglione

Creative Producer - Rosie Welsh

Production Assistant - Silvy Pilkington

Costume Designer - Cristina Soru

Makeup Artists - Pilippa Walker & Sophia Attias

Hair Stylists - Alison Bessant & Samantha Maxwell

Rigger - Artful Rigging Company

Aerialists - Katie Hardwick & Georgie Cassels

Acrobats - Samuel Le Bon & Aaron Marshall

Stilt Walkers - Maddy Hardwick & Kevin Callaby

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