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Human Mirror Ball Aerial Act

The Starfiz Aerial Sphere has been transformed into a human mirror ball act for Le Bouge Neon's 70s disco cabaret at the Underbelly Festival, on London's Southbank.

We have one date remaining, 21st September 2017. You can buy tickets to the Spiegeltent venue at the Underbelly website.

Two girls fall in love across a crowded dance floor. Two become one as Acantha Lang sings Made to Love with her velvet voice and the human mirror ball spins, casting light on all who watch in.

Starfiz Aerial Sphere Human Mirror Ball Act in Le Bouge Neon cabaret with singer Acantha Lang

Le Bouge Neon Human Mirror Ball Aerial Act

Instagram Video Clips of the Starfiz Aerial Sphere Mirror Ball Act

Behind the scenes dressing room snaps...

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