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Starfiz Aerial Entertainment Commercial Show Reel

We have created a short video of the commercial projects Starfiz have been a part of...

You can see me in the opening sequence of Strictly Come Dancing's Wembley Arena Special, on silks with Du Sol Productions;

Then I'm one of eight aerialists performing silks on a carousel structure and creating a human totem pole in harnesses, to become the side of the new Sony Xperia T3 phone...for the "beautifully slim" campaign;

Leyla performing silks in a Hoover advert is next;

The fourth extract is from the Crystal Fighters 'Wave' music video, where both Leyla and I joined our silks teacher, Clare Anderson, and other aerialists to perform swinging trapeze with High Performance.

Finally you can see a Ford Fiesta online advert in which I was an acrobatic model in a Polaroid film made with 360 photographs put together into a flip-book style animated commercial.

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