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Curiosity Club Flappers on Silks

Flapper Splits Balance

Last night Leyla and I took our 1920s Flapper act on silks to The Brewery in London, for a lavish Great Gatsby style party with a huge variety of entertainers to re-create the over-the-top parties of the novel/film.

Feedback from the client was,

"FANTASTIC - lovely girls did a great job and a pleasure to have around"

There were human tables, glamorous singers, a vintage car, a jazz quartet, flapper girl dancers, a burlesque performer in a martini glass and much much more. We made friends with the jazz dance act!

Starfiz Silks Flappers with Jazz Dance Group

The venue was made to look like a roaring 1920s party with stylish props and decoration. We had lots of fun posing in our flapper costumes in the Curiosity Club set!

Flappers posing on a 1920s divan
Flapper Performer on Silks

This picture by Livestock Productions Ltd

Silks Performer The Brewery London

This picture by Livestock Productions Ltd

Curiosity Club by Livestock Productions and Bamboo Events.jpg
1920s head pieces and makeup
Starfiz flappers posing with dancer Joseph Hall

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