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Floating as a Jellyfish at Goodwood for Viva

Harness Jellyfish at Goodwood 2014

The dinner on Saturday at Goodwood Revival had an Atlantis theme, with every detail beautifully bringing the underwater city to life. Guests entered via a cascade of water which smelled of the sea, animated by a mermaid. Marble columns, a shipwreck bar, seaweed decorations and tropical island table decorations with sand, shells and dune plants created a spectacular setting, enhanced with lighting which rippled across the grand dining room marquee.

Atlantis dinner at Goodwood 2014

Viva Aerial Dance was commissioned to create three floating jellyfish to perform an elegant dance above guest's heads as they were called for dinner. Abby Grewcock designed and made the giant costumes with artistic direction from Viva's Michele Laine.

Desiree as a Viva aerial Jellyfish

On harness bungees, Michele, Desiree Kongerod and I gently bobbed and floated on an imaginary current to the eerie and beautiful sounds of a musical saw. The costumes and setting were lots of fun to work in, with lights, tendrils and a long mermaid blue wig to play with. Viva rigger Ben Smith lowered and lifted us on motors, allowing us to spin and float in the imaginary sea.

Mermaid Jellyfish makeup

Once we finished our performance the costumes were lifted to the ceiling to remain as stunning artistic installations.

Sea creature eye makeup
Katie Hardwick aerial dance

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