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Get Your Act Together with Chelsee Healey

ITV's new show, Get Your Act Together, starts this weekend, as the new celebrity competition to replace Dancing On Ice.

As part of the competition where celebrities learned variety acts to perform to a live judging audience, I taught Chelsee Healey how to perform Starfiz aerial silks, and you can see how we got on Sunday 1st February, at 7pm.

Here is an interview with Chelsee ahead of the programme's transmission:

Chelsee Healey Act: Aerial Silks Mentor: Starfiz Aerial So how are you feeling about performing a silks routine? It’s been such hard work! I am so bruised! But I am up for a challenge and that is the reason why I decided to take this on. It is different and it sounded fun. Although I must admit I did not even know what silks was. I said yes to something I did not know what I was getting myself in too. What does the act involve? It’s all from the ceiling. You do different movements and it is way harder than it looks. What’s been the toughest thing to get right? Having the body strength to hold myself up there. There are different drops and I haven’t really got my head around it all. I am so scared. Do your arms ache a lot?! Yes. I have to go to physio shortly because my neck, back and shoulders are in bits. I have had so much trouble in training and I’ve been going to the physio every two days because my back is so sore. Were you fit before you took on this challenge? No I wasn’t. I have been socialising and eating so I haven’t worked out for a while. It’s a shock to the body. I have been using muscles I did not know existed. I have been in absolute agony. I have trained for about three hours every day but I can’t do it every day as your body can’t take it. Has the training been great for toning up? No! I love my food and now I have been training, I tell myself I can justify eating more! Have you enjoyed the experience? It’s been amazing. My trainer has been absolutely brilliant and so helpful. The opportunity to come away with a new skill is amazing. Yes it is hard work but it is also great fun. Will you be carrying this on afterwards then? No! But I also want to see how the performance goes first. Will you be nervous? I will be a nervous wreck. I always am at these things. When I am up in the air, I am hanging on for dear life! It’s scary! You really do have to concentrate on getting the balance right. How would it feel to win? Amazing and I would be very proud. I’d know I had achieved something. Is this harder than Strictly? It’s hard to compare them, as they are very different skills. But do you like stepping out of your comfort zone? I really do. I love acing but I find these shows fun. They are a challenge. What will your fellow actors say when they watch you? They will be shocked, as will my family. I hope I make them proud. Do you have any regrets? No. It’s been amazing and so much fun. The pain has been worth it!

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