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Aerial Showgirl for Lisa Tchenguiz's 50th

Last night was Lisa Tchenguiz's 50th birthday party at the Troxy in London, and I was one of four aerialists contorting and dancing in silks loops above the guests, being lowered and taken high on a winch.

The aerial performers were organised by Graeme Clint, who himself performed a doubles trapeze act. Other acts included an aerial birdcage, showgirl dancers and some pretty great musicians!

The party was extremely glamorous and we sparkled in white showgirl costumes with feathers suitable for aerial work.

Originally the plan was for us to serve champagne from our silks, but the guests were already so well provided with drinks that we danced and performed ambient acrobatics instead.

The next birthday party is a Frozen themed six girl silks and ribbon act for a very special girl abroad...although we can't say who it's for or which exotic country we are flying to.

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