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Record Breaking Aerialists

We did it! Today we made history - thirty aerialists performed a synchronised aerial silks act for five minutes!

We were due to have up to five attempts at the routine which we have been tirelessly rehearsing, but managed to BREAK A WORLD RECORD on the first attempt. We now hold the Guiness World Record for most people performing aerial silks.

It was an amazing feeling, being in the air with 29 of the top aerialists from around the world, all moving together on beautifully coloured silks. The attempt was purely a gymnastic exercise, as we all concentrated with all our energy to perform the choreography perfectly and completely in time with each other. So we were very happy that we later performed the same act for guests at construction firm Mace's 25th anniversary celebrations.

Here is the Guiness World Record Breaking Routine, filmed by Mark Morreaux

A completely different feeling, there were drummers before our act, stunning lighting and we all performed for the audience's entertainment rather than the Guiness World Record judges. This time we could look around more and enjoy seeing our friends 7m up in the air with us, and marvel at the forest of silks which High Performance had rigged in Old Billingsgate.

Just as we wrapped for the final drop of the routine, I made eye contact with Desiree, choreographer of the routine and super woman who has organised the event with Adam from Private Drama. It was a special moment to see my friend and colleague so proud after all of her hard work. I have a huge amount of respect for Desiree, as a performer with a staggering amount of talent and a lovely person who works extremely hard.

Here is the Mace 25th Anniversary event performance

I doubt I will ever be involved in something with so many performer friends again, and am still buzzing from the energy and realisation that I know so many wonderful people! And we are all world record holders together!!

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