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Minecon Convention with Cirque Bijou

The last few days have been really exciting, working with Cirque Bijou on a stage show spectacle for the Minecraft Convention, Minecon, at the ExCel Centre in London. The computer game is huge, with players coming to the convention dressed as characters / elements of the game, keen to get their hands on merchandise and participate in interactive stalls.

The show opened with a group choreography dancing to Uptown Funk, dressed as Steve with cardboard boxes on our heads.

Minecon dance rehearsal at Tha Hangar Arts Trust

We got dizzy with a webspin act, with Boldo spinning myself.

Web spin in Cirque Bijou show

Starfiz was joined by Rebecca Rennison to perform a trio synchronised silks act to Rihanna's Diamonds in the Sky.

Synchronised Silks Act Minecon 2015 Cirque Bijou Starfiz

The show finished with a spectacular fire display, with human catharine wheels, fire umbrellas, a fire cube and Leyla and I got to shoot some flame throwers! This was the first time they had been used in the UK.

Flamethrower Katie Hardwick Minecon 2015

The show also featured a trampoline act, LED dancers, straps and BMX tricks.

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