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Silks in Stavanger with An Act Above

The talented Desiree Kongerod, who led 30 of us to Guiness World Record success earlier this year, led five of us to Norway yesterday to perform silks & stilt walking in a beautiful and unusual venue.

The multi-coloured silks and silver-white catsuits were rigged in a cave near Stavanger, where ProClub were celebrating successful members of Tata Communications, with a fairytale dinner and drinks.

We had lots of fun performing above guests, as we emerged from cocoons to perform aerial acrobatics at the start of the event.

The venue, Gloppehallen, was stunning and we enjoyed some delicious food during our fleeting stay. We hope that Desiree can take us back to her home country again soon, as the whole group of aerialist / stilt walkers fell in love with the lakes and mountains that we could see from our taxi.

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