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1920s Starfiz Glamour at the BBC Worldwide Showcase

Leyla and I travelled to the Echo Arena Liverpool with Livestock Productions, to bring some aerial glamour to the BBC Worldwide Showcase 2016.

For the final evening of the event, we performed freestyle aerial hoop as guests entered the drinks reception. Claudine from Livestock Productions paired us with the beautiful voice of singer Sewuese, and her band, to create a sultry 1920s mood where the entertainment worked as a whole to welcome to the guests into a scene from the twenties.

Sewuese and band at the BBC Worldwide Showcase with Livestock Productions

The BBC had created a "Redrum" club in the arena space, to reflect the collection of crime series on promotion. Set designers used red cloths, a stylish copper cocktail bar and animated picture frames to transform the venue into a more intimate space.

Leyla and I began our twenty minute long set with a feather and 1920s cigarette holder, posing on our aerial hoops and interacting with guests. After two songs, we dropped our props and began to improvise to Sewuese's music. The finale of the set was a fast spin and flurry of petals, as the band performed the soundtrack from the Luther series.

BBC Worldwide Showcase 2016 on Twitter

After our performance, we were extremely lucky to see some of Alison Moyet's set from the side of the stage!

A team of lovely creatives spent hours on our hair and makeup, and we wore our new gold sequin 1920s costumes for the very first time. They looked amazing under lights!

Starfiz gold sequined 1920s flapper costumes Katie Hardwick and Leyla Rees

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