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Flying Visit to the Seychelles

Leyla and I joined Le Bouge Neon show on a trip to the Seychelles to perform for a private client. The 70s disco cabaret entertained guests on the beautiful island, before we flew back to London for our Leicester Square Theatre show.

Backstage with Le Bouge Neon Show

Starfiz Aerial Duo in the Seychelles

We are ever so grateful to see such stunning parts of the world as part of our job, and love being part of the Bouge show team.

Katie Hardwick on the beach with a palm tree shadow in the Seychelles

Starfiz Aerial Duo in the Seychelles

Katie Hardwick silhouette in the Seychelles

It was the first time that we had flown with our Aerial Sphere, and turned out to be very easy! We just checked it in as a normal hold item with Emirates, and took it to oversize. It appeared at the other end in perfect condition, ready for us to be transformed into the Human Mirror Ball.

Flying with the Starfiz Aerial Sphere

Leyla with her personalised Anna Walker London leather pouch

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