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The Greatest Show for DIVA's 10th Anniversary

Last week I returned to the Bridlington Spa - the theatre with the best sea views from the dressing rooms!

Starfiz Aerial Duo Bridlington Spa Theatre Windows

This visit was with Leyla to perform our Starfiz Synchronised Silks duet act, at the DIVA dance competition's 10th anniversary. CWR Events put on a spectacular Greatest Showman themed finale, incorporating dancers, Billy George on cyr wheel, and Starfiz on silks.

Leyla and I performed a silks act in gold catsuits, choreographed to become a part of the larger stage show.

Katie Hardwick Greatest Showman Silks Splits

Leyla silks splits

Greatest Showman silks and dance show

The Greatest Showman Silks and Dance Show

Billy George Cyr Wheel Bridlington Spa

Katie Hardwick Bridlington Spa theatre Silks act

Katie Hardwick gold catsuit bridlington spa silks

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