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Brit Awards 2019 with Hugh Jackman

A circus dream came true - 31 aerial friends and myself opened the Brit Awards at the O2 with the man who definitely earned the title, "The Greatest Showman" - Hugh Jackman. I was one of the eight silks artists, with my sister, Maddy, on one of the giant chandeliers rigged by High Performance Productions. Circus consultancy was done by Roger Robinson of Acrobat Productions.

To perform in the O2, rigged above Hugh Jackman, dancers, fire artists and trickers was an incredible and special experience. The show was screened live on ITV and YouTube. Atlantic Records posted a high quality video of the act...

My makeup was done by Austri Vivas, with a Twiggy style look.

Aerialist makeup Brit Awards Greatest Showman

Producer - Tawbox

Director - Visual Prostitute

Choreographer - Ashley Warren

Assistant Choreographer - Jenny Griffin

Production Assistant - Alex Wiseman

Dancers - Jerry Reeve

Acrobatics - Acrobat Productions

Set Fabrication - Steel Monkey

Label - Atlantic Records

Styling - Sharon Ridoynauth

Makeup - Lucy Wearing

Hair - Paul Percival

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