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1920s Flapper Aerial Entertainment

I am soon to arrive home to London after a wonderful month travelling around France; rock climbing, trail running, hiking in the mountains and kayaking. I am very lucky that I am looking forward to being re-united with Leyla Rees, to perform our Starfiz 1920s Silks Act in a very lovely venue. We choreographed this act as the Great Gatsby film came out, and it's one of our favourite to perform!

Fun choreography, beautiful flapper costumes and vintage music make this a classy character act that we have performed in a number of different contexts.

The pictures below are from our first performance of the 1920s act, at Kingston's May Merrie festival, on an outdoor rig in the historic Market Place.


We performed our flapper silks act at the Aberdeen Football Association's Player of the Year awards dinner, along with some ambient aerial hoop performances as 1920s flappers in black and gold costumes.

Gold 1920s aerial hoop costume

I performed the flapper silks act last year for a 1920s Great Gatsby themed birthday party at Cafe de Paris, with an ambient aerial hoop set in a gorgeous sequined costume to a live 1920s four piece band. The ambience was incredibly sophisticated and felt like we were transported back to the twenties.

Cafe de Paris Flapper Hoop.jpg

The playfulness of our Great Gatsby themed act was a hit at a student graduation event in London!

Katie Flapper finish pose by Emily Nolan.jpg

Leyla and I poured champagne in the foyer of the Rose Theatre Kingston last year, when Our Friends Records hosted a 1920s themed evening with headliners The Correspondents. Our classic twenties costumes were a classy theatrical image as we served drinks from an aerial hoop.

aerial champagne pouring

Our act is also available as a doubles hoop far we have performed synchronised versions of the act, and are keen to perform as flappers together on the same piece of equipment!

1920s doubles hoop aerial act

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