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New Aerial Sphere Act

I have been working with Leyla on Starfiz's latest aerial act....the Aerial Sphere! Our first performances of our new act were at The Aeronaut pub in Acton, in a circus cabaret compered by Jon Udry.

Aerial prop maker Jonathan Graham created our new apparatus so that we could further develop our Emma Insley Aerial Creation Fund Award work, which began with our unique Spinning Silks act. The Aerial Sphere is a more compact aerial act with faster spins, and can be rigged in low venues. This makes it perfect for cabarets, or for events with a pulley system or winch so that we can be lifted up high.

double leg to head on sphere

The cabaret version of our act is performed to FKA twigs' Two Weeks. The aerial act is sensual with a swirl of hair and graceful shapes with long limbs.

aerial sphere arch back

The Aerial Sphere act is also available for corporate events with different music and costuming.

Aeronaut Family Photo

Family Portrait in The Aeronaut dressing room. With compere Jon Udry, Contortionist Delia Du Sol, Fire performer Angelika Thistel, hula hooper Helen Orford and Card Ninja Javier Jarquin. Jackie Le books the circus acts and is an aerialist herself.

The Aeronaut Pub Acton
starfiz neck hang on aerial sphere
flexibility on aerial sphere

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