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Woodland Aerial Nymph

I got back in the real moss costume for Petersham Road for another woodland celebration - this time a luxurious engagement party in the woods.

Woodland nymph makeup with gold leaf and real moss

Aerialist Diego and myself performed aerial hoop from the trees, as guests walked along a candlelit platform through the trees, to a bespoke venue erected in the middle of a tree clearing in Hampshire.

Our fabulous riggers were once again, Artful Rigging. They allowed us to fly up and down, above the heads of guests.

Aerial circus rigging between trees

The organic materials used for elaborate costume, and beautiful makeup by the Petersham Road team, transformed us into the most exquisite creatures to entertain the guests.

After the aerial welcome, Diego and myself changed costumes to become Yetis on stilts, and dance with guests.

Woodland themed event entertainment

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